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Take Action

We will go over male and female polarity, and the principles underlying what makes men most attractive to women. We will discuss how to project a direct clear intent, so that a woman knows what it is you want when you approach her. I will teach you the structure I use for how to make the most out of your interactions, and help you deal with that nasty approach anxiety and spotlight effect that has always held you back from being able to speak to women.

Once we go over some basic theory, I will then take you infield to start approaching. You will approach women on the streets, in shopping malls, coffee shops, etc. This is what we call Daygame, which is approaching women anywhere outside of bars and nightclubs. You will wear a hidden microphone so that I can listen in on your interactions and give you feedback after each approach.

Being able to see an attractive women when you are out and strike up a conversation that could lead to many special times is a skill set that is invaluable. It is the launching point to becoming a great seducer. Imagine the stories you could play out with the women that you choose to approach. If you decide you want additional training with me, we can schedule more time. How to text a girl, what to do on a date, how to escalate, how to keep her around, are all areas of seduction that can be learned and perfected.

Since every guy has different areas of strengths and weaknesses, I can tailor each course to your individual needs once I know what it is you are looking to get out of training with me.

There is no judgement here!

If you are looking to have multiple casual relationships, or looking to just find one women to have a special relationship with, I can help show you the way.