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I am all about skill sets.

Skill is required in every area of life where you wish to excel and succeed. Some people believe that we are born with our abilities and talents and that we have to accept the cards that we have been dealt. Some people will say, “Just be yourself, it will all work out just fine”.

I have found that almost every area of life requires skill. Including happiness, relationships, and understanding people. Almost anything can be learned and perfected. We are always being ourselves, but it can be life changing when we learn how to become all of ourselves.

For many years I have developed skill sets in music. I learned how to craft hooky memorable songs and find consistency with my results. I wasn’t just born with the understanding and talent to create music. It took time, and a lot of skill!

Over the last several years I have also developed skill sets in the realm of seduction and lifestyle design. I used to get very frustrated with people, especially when dealing with women and relationships. I remember many missed opportunities and moments of thinking, “What the hell is going on?” It’s because I did not have any solid understanding of basic human evolutionary psychology and biology and how it relates to the art of seduction. Once I took an extensive look into the truth it was like turning on the lights. I could finally see clearly and began getting the results I had always desired.

The same applies when is comes to healthy living. I have spent over 6 years learning about supplements, diet, and a healthy lifestyle. I had to take matters into my own hands many years ago when I was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease. I started out by visiting many doctors that had no clue what they were doing when it came to treating lyme, simply because they were not skilled in that area.

It forced me to quickly learn about the human body and to make sure I skillfully addressed what I was doing with my diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc. This time period also lead to some deep spiritual awakenings that have now allowed me to become more present and aware of my internal and external reality. I have found that awareness is another vital and valuable skill set that can be utilized in everyday life. The more grounded and balanced that we can become, the more content we will be.