Style Tips

Forget about labels and trends, but be stylish. There are certain classic looks that will never go out of style.
Remember that your style sends a message to others that can help you attract what you want. As a seducer we are dealing with Lover and Provider vibes (Beta vs. Alpha).

If you are dressed very preppy, or are out approaching in a suit and tie, then this can subconsciously send off Provider vibes to the women even if your spiking is on point. However, if you are looking to attract a girlfriend then this look could work in your favor.

If you are approaching in Lover mode, then it’s best to dress casual with a slight edge. A nice pair of boots, dark washed jeans and basic neutral colored shirts, layered with a cool leather jacket is perfect. Adding an accessory like a necklace, watch, or ring is a great touch and conversation starter. It’s always good to have at least one item that a women will notice. Always remember fitted clothing is better than baggy, but try to stay away from tight skinny jeans and go with the slim fit. Sunglasses are also a great touch while daygaming outside, but make sure you remove them when you start talking to the girl.

Some of my go-to brands are All Saints, G-Star, Vince, and variety of brands from ASOS online. Ted Baker and Hugo Boss can be nice as well. There are also cheaper alternatives like H&M and Zara. The brand is not what’s important, but you do get what you pay for. The better quality fabrics last longer and really do look and feel much better.
A good tip is to invest in a quality jacket and pair of boots, and save a bit on the shirts and pants. You can wear the same boots and jacket with a variety of other clothing, and those two items will be the most noticeable.

Make sure you are groomed and showered, and have fresh breath. Carry gum with you when you are out approaching and on a date.


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