Approaching Women

When approaching you need to fully commit to the approach. Do not hesitate! If you are unsure of yourself the women will feel that and it will immediately set the wrong tone.

Make sure you use strong eye contact, especially when delivering your initial compliment. Speak with conviction and a deep neutral voice tone.

Remember to spike things up, attraction is breaking rapport, not making rapport. You should be teasing and challenging the girl and doing your best to avoid boring predictable chit chat that she can have with her hair dresser. She should always leave the interaction knowing what it is you want.

Most guys make the mistake of putting the women on a pedestal and come across too needy and supplicating. You need to desensitize yourself to beauty and become more aware of your mind and surroundings during your interactions. This of course will develop over time as you start living in abundance by having options available. In the beginning stages you get very nervous because your body is flooded with adrenaline, which prevents you from thinking clearly and remaining present. This is why you need to gain a large volume of approaches, and why some basic structure can help you through the approach anxiety phase.

Always Remember:

  • Spot the women and go for it! If you hesitate, you masturbate.
  • Be proud of what you’re doing, your body language should reflect that.
  • Don’t smile with teeth, but smirk like you’re about to crack a smile.
  • Project your intent through your eyes.
  • Have fun with her, accuse her, role-play. Attraction is created in the playful push.
  • Don’t agree with everything she says.
  • Be calm and non-reactive.
  • Get her investing in the conversation.
  • Make sure she walks away knowing at least 2 – 3 things about you to prevent flaking.
  • Always be closing, even if you think the set didn’t go well, still go for the number.
  • Always be holding the frame.
  • Allow your ego to get shattered.

Remember Erik Von Markovik’s (Mystery) “5 Attraction Switches”:

  1. Leader of men
  2. Protector of loved ones
  3. Preselected by other women
  4. The ability to emote
  5. Risk taker

The women is your mirror. Throughout your seduction journey all of your insecurities and any underlying anxiety and depression, etc, will rise to the surface the more you get out and approach. You will discover things about yourself that are buried deep within you, and quickly learn where you need to improve. These skill sets are not only essential for every man to learn, but can be a very effective form of therapy. Especially for us introverts.


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